Dinoflagellate type material in museum collections


Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen
Curator of Algal, Moss and Lichen Collections: Prof. Dr. Nina Lundholm

Baldinia anauniensis CA2384 (SEM stub, embedded material)
Biecheleria baltica CAT2441 (embedded material)
Biecheleriopsis adriatica CAT2414 (embedded material)
Borghiella andersonii C-A-92066 (fixed liquid material)
Borghiella dodgei CAT2389 (SEM stub, embedded material)
Blastodinium galatheanum C-AT-2388 (SEM stub)
Jadwigia applanata CAT2377, C-A-94333 (embedded material)
Karlodinium armiger CAT2381, C-A-94337 (embedded material)
Symbiodinium natans CAT2393 (SEM stub)
Togula jolla CA2086 (SEM stub)
Tovellia sanguinea CAT2383, C-A-94339 (embedded material)



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