Photo Collections

Some first collections of dinoflagellate species occurring in a specified area are available in the database micro*scope now part of the EOL (encyclopedia of life ) database.



Dinoflagellates of marine sands


Benthic dinoflagellates of Botany Bay (Australia)


Marine benthic dinoflagellates - NW Australia


Dinoflagellates of Australia


Benthic dinoflagellates of Greater Vancouver, Canada



Fukuyo's dinoflagellate page - page not found


Horiguchi's dinoflagellate page


Horiguchi's freshwater dinoflagellates


Horiguchi's tide pool dinoflagellates


Horiguchi's red tide dinoflagellates


Susan Carty's freshwater dinoflagellates - unavailable at the moment




Phytoplankton Skagerrak-Kattegat


Nordic Microalgae


HELCOM-Phytoplankton Expert Group PEG


Aquaparadox: the diversity of planktonic microorganisms


Alfred Wegener Institute Phytoplankton