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Classic dinoflagellate monographs available for downloading can be found on the Aquaparadox products page.

These works are, as far we know, out of copyright or free-use. Some are 'hand-scanned' (and so cannot be searched), some are from other websites and some were contributed. What they have in common is value and rarity. Users should remember that while images are eternal, names can change with time.
Some of them come from the Biodiversity Heritage Library - check it out!

Digital access to publications of Balech (1944-2008)!
This initiative led by Dr. Rut Akselman and supported by IOC UNESCO, provides public access to most of the planktological studies published by the late Professor Enrique Balech. Some of them are little known and others are hard to find, even in specialized libraries. The great advantage is their availability in digital format and to have all of them in the same “place”. The intention is to incorporate more papers in successive stages.


Theses on Harmful Algae & Phycotoxins  ISSHA


General information on HABs & Phycotoxins  ISSHA