Reference Material

It is possible to archive reference material from cultures or field samples of dinoflagellate blooms in the Centre of Excellence for Dinophyte Taxonomy at the German Centre for Marine Biodiversity Research (DZMB) in Wilhelmshaven. It should contain (mainly) one species that is identified or will be identified by us, and it should be fixed properly. The samples can be used as reference for the species for everybody who wants to learn how the species looks like or who wants to compare the morphology with isolates from other parts of the world.
Please submit fixed material with information about the sampling site, date of sampling or isolation, the name of the person who sampled or isolated the taxon, and the type of fixation with the date of fixation.
Contact Mona Hoppenrath ( for further information.



Official reference material for publications

  Amphidiniopsis rotundata Hoppenrath et Selina 2012 (Hoppenrath et al. 2012, Phycologia 51(2): 161-162) - SEM stub

CEDiT2013RM26  Alexandrium fundyense Balech emend. D.M. Anderson (John et al. 2014, Protist 165: 790)  - Formalin sample (culture)
CEDiT2013RM28  Alexandrium tamarense (M. Lebour) Balech emend. John (John et al. 2014, Protist 165: 792) - Formalin sample (culture)

CEDiT2015RM51  Prorocentrum sipadanense - fixed sample

CEDiT2016RM60  Sinophysis canaliculata - SEM stub

CEDiT2018RM84  Thecadinium kofoidii - fixed sample

CEDiT2018RM85  Thecadinium kofoidii - SEM stub


material for taxonomic comparisons