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Some first collections of dinoflagellate species occurring in a specified area are available in the database micro*scope now part of the EOL (encyclopedia of life ) database.

Further collections will be added to this CEDiT homepage/database directly or through micro*scope.

Dinoflagellates of marine sands

Benthic dinoflagellates of Botany Bay (Australia)

Marine benthic dinoflagellates - NW Australia

Dinoflagellates of Australia

Benthic dinoflagellates of Greater Vancouver, Canada

Alfred Wegener Institute Phytoplankton



Fukuyo's dinoflagellate page  

Horiguchi's freshwater dinoflagellates

Horiguchi's tide pool dinoflagellates

Horiguchi's red tide dinoflagellates

Susan Carty's freshwater dinoflagellates

Phytoplankton Skagerrak-Kattegat

Aquaparadox: the diversity of planktonic microorganisms


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 November 2009 )